Barquin Consulting Group is a full-service lobbying and public affairs firm expertly equipped to handle all your advocacy needs. From K Street to Main Street, from the halls of power to the kitchen tables across America, Barquin Consulting Group understands your needs may include more than the “old style” lobbying services that are now antiquated in today’s legislative and regulatory environment.

Unlike traditional lobbying firms, Barquin Consulting Group offers an integrated suite of advocacy services that includes government affairs, strategic consulting, public relations, grassroots development, creative media, international representation, coalition building, business development and corporate/crisis communications.
We have built a team of partners and associates that has made Barquin Consulting Group one of the most sought after lobbying and public affairs firms in the country. Our experience put into practice is molding today’s public policy decisions in Congress and influencing national debate on the most important policy decisions facing our clients and the nation.

Your needs may be simply legislative. They may involve complex public relations and government affairs challenge. They may require an understanding of how international policies are affected by domestic politics. They may present a corporate crisis that demands immediate expertise. No matter what approach is needed, the scope of services offered by Barquin Consulting Group can help you negotiate today’s complex government affairs, communications and business development challenges.


All lobbying firms will boast of “knowing Washington.” In today's business environment that is simply not enough. Only Barquin Consulting Group can provide you the customized, integrated “campaign approach” today’s world requires for success.

Simply put our experience and relationships are just the start. From there, we create and execute your unique campaign plan that addresses every aspect of the challenges that lie ahead including: lobbying, message development, public relations, media, grassroots, and anything else we envision necessary for you to win.
Everything from market and policy research to stakeholder targeting, succinct, disciplined message development, to timelines and budgets, the synthesis of our skills allows you to set the agenda with a strategic, proactive approach.

Our legislative experience dictates an aggressive strategy. Our battle-tested tactical skills bring flawless execution.


Any government affairs, regulatory or public relations issue has the potential to have a tremendous impact on your company, government or organization. Picking the firm with the right credentials to help is critical. Equally important is selecting a firm who will join you as a partner on your mission.

When a news story needs to be influenced late in the evening, will your firm be there? When a Member of Congress needs to be reached on the House floor, will it get done? When a crisis arises that requires immediate, full time attention, who will be returning your call? Your future could hinge on answers to questions just like these and how the firm you select values your business relationship.

Our experience in winning campaigns, diffusing the toughest of communications challenges and fighting the late night battles counting votes on Capitol Hill is testament to how we fight for our clients.

Let us fight for you. After all, we know no other way.


With a battle tested staff that includes nearly 100 years of combined experience; Barquin Consulting Group has an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience in House and Senate Leadership, key Congressional Committees, the Executive Branch, foreign governments, public relations and advertising agencies, and grassroots coalitions across the country.

Our experience affords our clients invaluable and unmatched access to the decision makers in Washington, D.C. and state legislatures and the public affairs expertise critical to making sure your messages are on target to the right constituencies, clearly heard and acted upon.

Our partners and staff have directed complex public policy initiatives, run winning political campaigns, developed clear messages, created award winning issue advertising, formulated innovative national coalitions and built grassroots organizations. We are equipped to blend this refined expertise, proven results, and tireless commitment with the highest levels of government access, formulating a focused strategy that exceeds your current expectations and anticipates your future challenges.


What sets Barquin Consulting Group apart is its ability to combine proven government affairs experience, innovative strategic planning with masterful communications tactics and the most efficient “campaign style” implementation in the nation. We achieve winning results for our clients by offering a comprehensive, integrated suite of services.


Government Affairs.

Providing far more than just access, our government affairs experience spans House and Senate Leadership and Committees at the Member and staff level, as well as senior levels of the Executive Branch, giving our clients an unmatched ability to work directly with decision-makers on key policy decisions. Whether your challenge is legislative, regulatory or simply being entangled in a maze of bureaucracy, we get our clients results.


Public Relations.

Most firms end where we start. Message development, press conference coordination, media training, stakeholder targeting and press kits are just the beginning of the public relations services we offer. We pride ourselves on offering the next generation of public relations services. We measure results not by clips and references in the media, but by quality and consistency of message delivery to reach your goals.


Strategic Consulting

The combination of business and campaign backgrounds with government affairs savvy puts Barquin Consulting Group in a unique position to offer our clients strategic consulting on any matter that requires long term planning, message development and project management.


Grassroots/Grasstops Development

With people who have run some of the largest grassroots and grasstops movements in the nation, we are expertly positioned to target constituencies and offer some of the most innovative telemarketing, mail and Internet programs in the country to rapidly and efficiently generate both short term and long term support or opposition to any issue that affects our clients’ interests.


Coalition Building

Third party coalitions can be some of the most effective voices in a lobbying, grassroots and issue campaign. However, effective coalitions don’t come together by themselves. They are the result of sound planning and management that comes from the experience of seeking out and developing national and local networks to help meet our clients’ objectives.


Creative Media, Mail, Phones and Internet Communications

From creative development to advertising production and media placement to advocacy direct mail and telephones, we have initiated and deployed advertising on political campaigns, issues campaigns and advocacy media in markets and mailboxes across the country.


State and Local Government Representation

With former staff and advisors to Presidents, Legislators, Governors and Mayors across the region, Barquin Consulting Group offers specialized representation services on issues important at the state and local level. Whether it’s federal funding issues or complex policy initiatives at the state and local levels, we can be your team or augment your team in Washington to ensure your interests are protected.


International Representation

Economies and political affairs across the globe are increasingly entwined and reliant on relationships between regions and countries. As a result, foreign government and business clients turn to our expertise to help them negotiate how the business and international issues in Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch affect their long term economic and political outlook. From trade agreements to global positioning, from introducing recently elected heads of state to Washington to helping elect new ones in countries around the world, Barquin Consulting Group can protect and advance your interests in Washington DC and all the trade and power centers in the region.


Corporate and Crisis Communications

A new product launch, corporate branding and crisis communications are just a few of the challenges that face corporate America everyday. Forward looking companies are increasingly facing these challenges with the sharply-honed campaign experience required in today’s business and media environment. With lightning fast instincts and message development skills perfected in the battles of the biggest political and issue campaigns in the world, we know what it takes to win.



Asociación de Directores de Sistemas de Información (ADSEI)

Puerto Rico Institute for Public Policy (PRIPP)

National Student Parent Mock Election

Wyse Technology

Apple Corporation

Corel Corporation

Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce & PRIDCO

Instituto de Formación Democrática

Millennium Technology Associates Corporation

Government of the Dominican Republic

Government of Puerto Rico

Trejos Hermanos S.A.

International Data Corporation (IDC)/IDG

Computerworld Magazine

PC World

IntelliMedia Group Corporation

Connectiva Corporation

International Business Machines (IBM)

Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration & HUD

Puerto Rico Department of Education

Microsoft Corporation

Acelera Corporation

Telefonica Larga Distancia

BA Inc.

International Development & Finance Corporation

New England Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico


GM Group

Consejo de Educación Superior

America Online


BCF Group

Atlantic College Inc.

American Military Academy Inc.

The Fourth R – Computer Learning

Fundación Máximo Gómez Pina

BGR Corporation

Western Technology Group

Puerto Rico Telephone Company

Computer Gallery Inc.

Caribbean Technology Center


Symantec Corporation

Acer Corporation

Raytheon Corporation

Oficina del Contralor de Puerto Rico

Departamento de la Vivienda de PR


Targus Corporation

Interact Commerce/SAGE Corp.

Premier Computers

Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Barquin Consulting Group /International Development & Finance Co.

Individually, Barquin Consulting Group and International Development & Finance Co have made names for themselves as political insiders and proven public relations strategists with strong ties to Republican and Democrat leadership, respectively.

Together, Barquin Consulting Group and International Development & Finance Co offer unparalleled access to Washington decision makers on both sides of the aisle. With decades of senior-level experience formulating public policy and legislative strategy, The Barquin Consulting Group/International Development & Finance Co powerhouse provides the skills and tools needed to succeed in the nation’s capital. The individual members of our firms have built careers tackling complex policy initiatives and intricate communications campaigns.

We offer our clients a rare combination of veteran communicators, tested policy makers, and savvy strategists. Our team includes presidential advisors and high-ranking aides to Congressional leaders. We have worked on political campaigns, represented international governments and corporations, and conducted local, state and federal issue campaigns. Our government affairs work is supported by seasoned public relations counselors with expertise in coalition management, corporate positioning, media relations, merger and acquisition strategy, local and national event staging, product launches and issue advertising.

The two firms also have a strategic relationship with the law firm of Rivera Lozada & Rivera Ramos,LLP, one of Puerto Rico’s experienced firms.




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